A growing number of medical staff say they have been bribed to create fake vaccine certificates for anti-vaxxers and those who are hesitant about getting the jab.

While the issue remains a concern for health and government staff around the country, the trend has most recently taken hold in Adelaide.

The vaccination has long been touted as the ticket back to normality, with many activities Aussies once took for granted soon to be off limits without proof of a double dose.

But now, reports are surfacing that many are trying to cheat the system, attempting to bribe medical staff to falsify their vaccination forms.

Alarmed by the idea, health professionals are speaking out. One nurse who was recently propositioned said a patient waited until the pair were alone in a room and offered money in exchange for a fake certificate.

“I’ve had a couple but the last one waited until my colleague left the room,” Sharon said.

“As soon as the door was shut (they) said ‘how much? How much for you to say you’ve done it, and not do it?’

“We’re getting towards the stage where it’s getting quite typical.”

Any clinicians caught obliging face hefty penalties.

Doctors have weighed in on the issue, saying that not only is the process highly unethical but also selfish and illegal.

“Frankly, the book needs to be thrown. It’s incredibly selfish, they could catch it, pass it onto somebody else and the consequences for that person may be huge. They could get extremely sick or die.”

South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens cast double over whether any “self-respecting” health professional would create the dodgy documents but warned action would be taken against those caught.

Authorities say that fake vaccination documents are now at the top of their agenda particularly among workers who are legally required to have had the jab.

This article first appeared on Over60.