Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has moved to quash growing speculation over his fall at a Mornington Peninsula holiday home that left him with a fractured vertebra and ribs, leaving him unable to work for three months.

The state’s Liberal party ramped up their scrutiny of Mr Andrews’ account on Monday when Shadow Treasurer Louise Staley released a list of questions surrounding the timeline of his fall she wanted the premier to answer before he returns to work.

“Nobody’s got really any idea where it happened and this is a very visual world these days, where we seem to have everything out there on the media but not this,” she said on Tuesday in defence of her demand.

In the hopes to quash rumours, Andrews granted Victoria Ambulance permission to release an in-depth account of the events in the wake of his call to emergency services.

Ambulance Victoria received a triple zero call for an ambulance at 6.36 am on Tuesday 9 March 2021 for a patient who had fallen on steps at a house in Sorrento,” its statement began.

As Mr Andrews’ injuries weren’t life-threatening, his call underwent secondary triage deeming an ambulance was needed, which arrived at 7.01 am at the address, Ambulance Victoria said.

“The patient was assessed by treating paramedics as having suspected fractured ribs, and pain relief was provided. The patient requested to attend a local hospital in order for the attending crew to remain within the area once cleared from the case,” the statement continued.

“Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department was determined in consultation with the patient and treating paramedics.”

Staley denied she was peddling conspiracy theories, she said “lots of Victorians” were seeking answers to her questions.

Acting Premier James Merlino slammed the Liberal party on Tuesday, calling their response a “disgraceful act”.

“I treat it with the contempt that it deserves. This is more about how the Liberal Party treat people. No decency, no respect, they should be ashamed of themselves,” he said.

Treasurer Tim Pallas labelled such rumours as “nonsense”.

“It’s QAnon craziness peddled around the community to create an atmosphere of uncertainty.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.