Shoppers have been issued a grave warning over ready-to-eat meat after it was discovered listeria may be in some products.

The dangerous bacteria, which is mostly found in unpasteurised milk and cheese, as well as some seafood and processed meats, was detected in products made at Linke's Central Meat Store in Nuriootpa, South Australia. 

The Department of Health has asked consumers to be cautious before and after purchasing ham, cooked chickens and bung fritz at the store.

Acting Director of Food and Controlled Drugs Branch Joanne Cammans said that there have not been any infections linked to the ready-to-eat products yet.

“As a precaution we are asking customers to not consume any ready-to-eat meat products purchased directly from the Linke's Central Meat Store, or ham purchased from Foodland Tanunda after Monday 10 August while PIRSA investigate.

“While we have not received notification of anyone contracting listeria from any of these products, the infection can be extremely serious if it is contracted by the elderly, pregnant women or people with weakened immune systems.”

He said that while many people who are exposed to listeria often only experience mild illness, including flu-like symptoms and sometimes diarrhea, it can be more serious for at-risk groups.

“All South Australians should avoid eating the product.”

The products have use by dates of 14/9/20 and 21/9/20.

This article originally appeared on Over60.