It’s been three months since Jeremy Renner almost lost his life to a horrific snow plough accident, and new footage has surfaced from the incident.

In a gut-wrenching video, medics can be seen desperately trying to save the Hawkeye actor after his 6,500kg Snowcat vehicle ran him over on New Years Day, 2023.

Renner was left in critical condition with extensive injuries at the scene of the incident in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The Marvel star was using his snow plough to clear a path out of his home following a massive snowstorm, according to the New York Post.

The mighty storm saw over 35,000 people without power in the area.

New police bodycam footage from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office showed the scene just moments after Renner’s devastating accident.

The footage shows a team of five medics in a desperate attempt to save the star, who suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopaedic injuries.

“It was horrible. I thought he was going to die, man. I’m holding him and his colour is just going,” a person at the scene said.

Renner’s accident occurred just moments after he stepped in to save his nephew, Alexander Fries, from the path of the snow plough.

Police bodycam footage captured Fries explaining what had happened to his uncle.

“He went up and turned around, got out to tell me something and then that’s when it started coming at me, like, full force,” he told officers.

“That’s when he tried to jump back in there. Right where his blood is at, that’s right where it all happened.”

“He tried to jump on it, into the thing, and it took him under,” he added.

An emergency call from the incident was also released, which heard the actor’s neighbour telling emergency services that Renner had been “crushed” by the snow plough.

On the call, the frazzled neighbour can be heard asking for the emergency crew’s time of arrival as he explained Renner’s “shallow” breaths were “getting shorter” and that the actor had started to “drift off” to sleep.

Renner lost a significant amount of blood and underwent surgeries with round-the-clock care from medics after he was flown to Renown Regional Medical Centre in Reno, Nevada.

His frantic neighbour, who happened to be a doctor, applied a tourniquet to Renner’s leg to stop the bleeding.

Renner was released from hospital in January and has been recovering at home since then.

The actor opened up about the chilling events for the first time in an exclusive interview with US ABC News anchor Diana Sawyer.

He shared that he refuses to be “haunted” by the harrowing accident.

“I shifted the narrative of it being victimised or making a mistake or anything else,” he told Sawyer.

“I refuse to be f**king haunted by that memory that way.”

The actor also revealed the harrowing detail of him writing his “last words” to his family as he didn’t think he’d make it through.

“I’m writing down notes on my phone. Last words to my family,” he said, holding back tears.

Image credit: Instagram/Washoe County Sheriff’s Office

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