Jock Zonfrillo’s wife Lauren Fried has shared a heart-breaking glimpse into her family’s new reality as they continue to grieve the loss of their husband and father.

Lauren shared an emotional picture to Instagram, capturing her two-year-old daughter Isla finding a way to keep her dad close, just weeks after his sudden death.

The 46-year-old MasterChef Australia judge was was found dead in a Carlton hotel room last month, and was farewelled at a private funeral in Sydney in late May.

Lauren posted the photo of Isla asleep in her car seat, snuggled up to her late father’s grey top.

She captioned the post, “Little Isla has started sleeping with Papa’s clothes, keeps him close.”

The heart-wrenching photo garnered a wave of attention and well wishes for the family, with one person writing “This has broken me. These beautiful kids…”

Another wrote, “He is close little one, just in a different way. Love and light to your beautiful babes and strength to you Loz.”

Others shared in the coping strategy, with one person saying, “My sister did this with her fiancé too. Keep him close little one. All strength to you as you journey through the deep Mumma.”

Another commented, “My children’s father passed away almost 19 years ago. They still wear his clothes.”

The emotional post comes just days after Lauren shared an update explaining how she is helping Isla and her six-year-old brother Alfie cope with their father’s death.

Lauren posted photos of books she is reading to her youngsters to help them understand what has happened to their dad.

“Books have been a bridge to help me explain to our little ones what has happened, what they are feeling, and that love is always around them,” she explained.

Jock is survived by Lauren, Isla and Alfie, as well as his two grown-up daughters, Ava and Sophia, from his first two marriages.

Image credits: Instagram

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