Men and women still might not be truly equal in certain aspects of life, but a resurfaced relationship book from the 1940s has us pretty damn thrilled with how far society has come.

Written in 1945 by Thomas D. Horton, What Men Don’t Like About Women is a very (very) old-school handbook for the fairer sex wanting to make themselves more attractive to men, and some of the advice it contains will blow you away with how incredibly backwards and sexist it is.

Let’s take a look at some of its most contentious tips.

1. No vulgar talk

Want to be honest with your partner about your past relationships? Think again. One of the worst things a woman can do, according to Horton, is refusing to pretend to be a virgin. Yes, you read that right. “They say such things as the following: ‘Oh darling, I’ve been with many men, so I know, and I want to tell you that you are the best’ … ‘It’s funny for you to be a Russian. Two weeks ago I was with an Armenian.’ It is truly astounding how many relatively decent women lose all control of their mouths when they jump into bed beside a man.”

2. No bossiness in bed

If you’re a woman in the 1940s, don’t even think about initiating sex. “There are few things in this world that offend a man more than to be directed in the sex act by his woman,” Horton claims. “It is pretty near the ultimate humiliation. Nature demands that the male be dominant in bed. Some women think it is healthy to tell their men what to do and how to do it. The Truth is that it is degrading and the upshot is marital misery – or divorce.” 

3. Don’t expect anything in return

“Many women look upon the act of intercourse as a sort of long-term IOU, payable when they feel like it,” Horton explains. “Shortly after the act, the dear thing will say, ‘So, will you get me that winter coat I pointed out to you?’ If a woman doesn't ask for something while in bed with her man, she is, very likely, not sure what she wants and will ask him the next morning.” 

4. Be silent after sex

“Immediately afterwards, what a man wants most is not to see or hear his beloved for at least 15 minutes – preferably for half an hour,” says Horton. “If more women knew this simple fact, their love life would be happier.” 

In addition, Horton explains that even if you do have something to say, it’s of no interest to your intellectually superior partner. “Women seem to assume that they are man’s intellectual equal so they blab and blab, taxing the man’s patience to no end. What he really wants are quiet rest and sleep.”

5. Don’t even think about morning kisses

“Some women can’t understand why men refuse to kiss them immediately upon awaking,” Horton writes. “The reason is very simple: the morning mouth that has not been rinsed or cleaned is not a pleasant mouth to kiss.” But of course, men’s morning breath smells like roses.

How times have changed! Hands up, who thinks this Mr Horton ever found a wife? We’re betting not.

This article was written in partnership with Over60.