Need to meditate but just not interested? Affirmations may be the answer.  Its easy!

If you've been told you 'need' to meditate or want to learn to meditate but find it too difficult to establish a meditation practice then affirmations may help. 

Positive affirmations work like mini meditations and your attention can be focused on the affirmation for a short period of time to give your brain a chance to let go of extraneous thoughts. You can also repeat affirmations throughout the day for little moments of calm.

These five affirmations from Today I Will can help you develop mindfulness in a busy world, in just a few short minutes a day. They also provide moments of inspiration to uplift your everyday life. 

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Each affirmation encourages you to make simple changes to daily routines and ways of thinking. The practical purpose, wisdom and joy associated with each affirmation are explained to you as you are guided towards your calm and creative nature.

Ready to start changing your life in a positive way? Try these positive affirmation today and get ready to say out loud “I will. . .”  

1. I will. . . Put a full stop on the past.
Whatever happened cannot be changed; it is now part of your history. Your past has shaped you and brought you to this moment. Cast from your mind phrases such as ‘I should have’, ‘why didn’t I’ and ‘if only’. Accept the lessons you have learnt from past choices. Make peace with yourself. Disentangle yourself from regret, shame and guilt. Shake off the past and move forward with peace of mind.

2. I will. . . Accept what I see in the mirror.
Are you dissatisfied with how you look? Is your self-esteem too bound up in your physical appearance? Love your body; it is the extraordinary instrument through which your spirit expresses itself. Accept the inevitability of ageing. Broaden your concept of beauty. Be at peace with yourself as you let go of impossible self-imposed standards. Live in the present, not in the past (how you used to look) or the future (how you will look when you find time for more exercise).

3. I will. . . Rearrange part of my material world.
Rearrange your desk, your drawers, photos, pot plants or furniture — experiment! If it’s a shared space, get everyone’s agreement before you start. There’ll be tidying and cleaning involved, so allow time for it. Make a change. Spark up a stagnant space. Shift energy blocks. Set a new rhythm in motion.

Watch some easy tips when rearranging furniture in your living room

4. I will. . . Free myself from the subtle chans of an unfinished project.
Perhaps the unfinished project is no longer relevant or necessary, or has been given a much lower priority. Decide if the project is still worth investing your energy in and, if not, put it to rest once and for all. Is the cause of your procrastination fear or confusion? Invoke the appropriate virtue or power needed to complete the task. You are a powerful soul.  

5. I will. . . Claim my right to nurture myself.
Take a bubblebath, have a massage, cook yourself a special meal, read your favourite poetry, meditate, potter, or do something nice for yourself. Tell yourself you deserve to be nurtured. Give your desires a high priority in your day. Enjoying a good quality of life is just as important as fulfilling your responsibilities. Keep a balance between expending and replenishing your energy. Treat yourself well and enjoy life.

Have you ever tried using positive affirmations? Has it worked? Join the conversation below.