Chrissie Swan has shown off her incredible 90kg weight loss in a promotional campaign for Specsavers.

The TV and radio host recently marked a 600-day milestone of quitting alcohol during her health journey over the past year, and credits the lifestyle choice to her impressive weight loss.

Promoting her collaboration with Specsavers, which involves three socially designed sets of glasses frames, Chrissie drew in attention online for her slimmed down figure.

She captioned the photos with a short message about her favourite glasses from Specsavers, saying the dark ones make her “look smart” and “loved the whole experience” of working on the collaboration.

Her celebrity friends Tina Arena, Michelle Bridges, Clare Bowditch and many more all shared their congratulations on her collaboration, noting how incredible she looked in the campaign photos.

Chrissie has drastically transformed her physique over the last year, citing a new diet, daily walks and sobriety as the secret behind her slimdown.

She briefly touched on her weight loss in an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly in March, saying the “enormous” lifestyle changes she’d made over the last year had improved her life in so many ways.

Image credits: Instagram 

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