Although the experience of losing someone is a factor everyone will have to face one day, or may have already, it doesn’t mean we can escape the feeling that comes along with this loss. 

Loss takes on various shapes and forms, whether it is a relationship that has ended, a loved one moving away, someone dying or a transition of some sort.

When a feeling of loss comes, it can cause an individual to feel confused, alone and initiate a grieving process that is hard to pull yourself out of.

It is important when moving forward from loss and growing from it that one approaches methods to bounce back and have awareness, experts claim.

Here are a few general laws to follow when dealing with loss so you can bounce back and be a better, stronger version of you.

Acknowledge and accept your feelings 

Research shows many people who neglect their emotions in an unhealthy way tend to have more psychological and physiological problems.

Emotions including anger, sadness, confusion, loneliness, fear and many others may come forward when you are hit with a loss. In moments like these it is important to find comfort and solace in support groups, friends, counsellors or ever a good book on the subject.

Finding what works for you to help you deal with your emotions will allow you to heal and grow properly.

Replace the negative feelings with positive ones

Sit down and write a list of the good things that exist within your life and practice self-reflection. Experts say awareness of self is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and grow accordingly.

What are methods you can practice growing forward as an individual? Perhaps taking up activities such as yoga or reading self-help books could be the way you learn more about yourself and expand your mindset.

Feel liberated and move forward

When you lose something of value to you, whether that is a person, home, the feeling of comfort or a relationship, it can be important to understand and accept this loss. It is also important to modify your relationship with what you lose. Experts believe the way to do this is by forming a detachment towards what is causing the feeling of loss.

Although this change may development may take time, you will know you are at a place to move forward when you are able to cherish the good moments and release the painful ones and cut the chord once and for all.

How do you deal with loss?

This article was made in conjuction with Over60.