Seven years after leaving Home & Away, the beloved actor – who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer – is now teasing a potential comeback.

The 34-year-old who is suffering from brain cancer, shot to fame on the popular series in 2013, playing Chris Harrington.

On Thursday, Johnny told Yahoo that he would like to return to Summer Bay in a cameo.

The actor and X-Factor star said he has retained a strong friendship with his former Home and Away cast mates, especially Lynne MacGranger, 69, who plays Irene Roberts on the long-running show.

Johnny told the publication he has a great relationship with Lynne both on and off-screen, describing the actress as a “really good friend”.

Johnny said if he did return to Home and Away, he wants Lynne’s character – who runs the local cafe – to feature.

“[I would just waltz in] and order a coffee,” Johnny said, describing his idea for a “come back scene”.

“And Lynne – I mean Irene – would be like…Chris!”

Johnny revealed his prognosis as terminal earlier, only a few short months ago now and said he doesn’t want the diagnosis to slow down anything in his life anymore.

Image: Network 10 

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