Content warning: This article includes the name and images of a deceased Aboriginal person.

The mother of Cassius Turvey, the 15-year-old who was attacked and killed in Perth, has said the flood of generosity and kindness from the public has helped her family heal.

The young teen died last month after he was allegedly set upon by a man and beaten with a metal pole while walking home from school.

After being taken to Perth’s children’s hospital with head injuries, Cassius suffered a seizure several days later and passed away.

In the wake of his death on October 23, rallies will be held calling for change across Australia and internationally on Wednesday, which has been dubbed a National Day of Action.

Speaking to Today on Wednesday, his mother Mechelle Turvey said that the generosity of the public in paying their respects to her son has meant a lot.

“It’s actually helping us all with our healing day-by-day,” Mechelle said.

“The generosity of people wanting to give us things, simple things from hugs to a piece of their artwork, also getting behind the vigils, the rallies as well is absolutely amazing.”

As a support worker, Mechelle said she is familiar with trauma and that she is trying to be strong while embracing her vulnerability.

“I’ve been telling people, ‘Don’t ask me how I am’, because you haven’t got that time to talk about it with me because it will be long,” she said.

After the death of 15-year-old Cassius Turvey (left), his family have been met with support from the community through donations, tributes and rallies. Images: GoFundMe

Sam May, an older cousin of Cassius who is organising one of the vigils, told the ABC of one of the final conversations he had with his cousin over the phone from a hospital bed in Perth.

“He said: ‘I love you my big cuz’,” Mr May said.

“My kids would call him uncle … with our kinship and our moiety system, first cousins are pretty much like brothers and sisters, because that’s how we are raised.

“He was born an uncle and a pop as well, and he was respected by the nephews and nieces who are older than him, just as any uncle. But, he never demanded that respect. He earned it.

“And he gave them respect tenfold in return.”

A GoFundMe page, called #justiceforcassius, was set up by Michelle Wighton, one of Cassius’ older cousins to raise funds for funeral costs, as well as “legal costs for criminal compensation and justice” according to the fundraiser site.

As of publication, the fundraiser has raised more than double its goal of $250,000, with more than 13,000 people donating a total of $568,357.

The man who allegedly attacked Cassius has been charged with murder and is due to return to court on November 9.

The full details of the rallies can be found here.

Image: Today

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