Fear not, there are no need for gym clothes for this workout. This is all about excercising the face – and it's not hard either. The same premise applies to a body workout except this is focussed on lifting the face by working to tighten to muscles. Here are two exercises to smooth out the skin, tone cheeks and tighten necks – and you only need to set aside a couple of minutes per day.

Move 1: Smooth out the forehead

By using pressure to smooth out the skin on your forehead you will be working to decrease the fine lines.

1. Make a fist with both of your hands. With your knuckles facing toward your face, put both of your fists in the middle of your forehead.  

2. Applying pressure, slowly slide your fists out to each side, ending at your temples.

3. Repeat four times.

Move 2: Neck lift

Say goodbye to sagging neck and double chins – the neck lift will do just that: keep everything taught.

1. Press you lips together, now pucker your lips over to one side of your mouth – this will create a stretch in your cheek. 

2. With your lips puckered to one side, now turn your head in that direction and gently lift your head up until you reach a 45 degree angle – you should feel a slight stretch in your neck. Hold for four seconds. Repeat.

3. Do exactly the same on the other side.  

Do you know of any other moves? Let us know in the comments.

This article was written in partnership with Over60.

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