Buckingham Palace have released an official photograph of Queen Elizabeth II’s final resting place within the St George Chapel.

The engraved ledger stone, featuring the name of the late Queen was installed in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, an annex to the main chapel on the evening of September 19, following a private service that was attended by family only.

The slab is hand-carved from Belgian black marble, and features brass letter inlays reading the names of her parents, Queen George VI and Queen Elizabeth, followed by the late Queen’s name along with that of her husband, Prince Philip and sister, Princess Margaret.

A garter star separates the two royal couples, and the years of birth and death have been inscribed next to each name. The four royals were members of the Order of the Garter, the country’s most senior order of chivalry that dates back to medieval times and the reign of King Edward III.

The group’s members are personally chosen by the sovereign in recognition of an individual’s service to the nation and include several members of the royal family, former prime ministers and other senior figures. The order’s spiritual home is St. George’s Chapel.

Image: Royal Family Twitter

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