Sam Mac has revealed the reason behind his major body transformation just weeks after posing for the cover of Men’s Health.

The Sunrise weatherman, who paired up with celebrity trainer Jono Castono for his fitness journey shared on Instagram a side-by-side before and after shot, explaining why he decided to take on the challenge.

“The first few months of becoming a dad is a bit of a blur,” he wrote. “Of course, it’s magical, but you’re also in survival mode. Health & fitness take a back seat.

“I wanted to get out of the rut. I wanted to show people (particularly new dads) that if you truly apply yourself, you can start seeing results reasonably quickly. You can get yourself physically & mentally fitter which is a huge win for you, your partner & your little one.”

Sam shared that the process was “bloody hard work” but he was eager to share tips for his followers to achieve their goals.

“I’m fully aware everyone’s situation & goals are different & not everyone has access to the trainers & experts I did,” he said. “But I’m hoping I can borrow (*steal) some of the knowledge & pointers I picked up along the way & pass it on to you.”

One person asked if he was still working out at the same intensity he was in the lead-up to the Men’s Health cover and Sam revealed he wasn’t.

“The short answer is no,” he said. “I don’t think it’s realistic for me, certainly not sustainable and probably not even healthy. I was consumed by it, it was an obsession.

“But, the principles, the learnings are still the same and they’re still relevant… I would say that I’m now operating at about 75 per cent of what I was throughout the challenge, and that’s manageable.”

The dad-of-one shared that his new fitness goals included reaching 10,000 steps per day, training three to four times per week, and the “reintroduction of cheese naan bread (in moderation)”.

Sam admitted that the three “most confronting” parts of the challenge were getting waxed, having to wear disposable spray tan underwear and getting the spray tan for the magazine shoot. He said his “secret weapon” was his Apple Watch which helped him stay on track.

Image credit: Instagram

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