As we age it’s very common for our eyebrows to get thinner. It’s also likely to occur if you have over-plucked for many years. It can even be due in part to simple genetics. But did you know that fuller eyebrows that frame your face actually take years off your look? Furthermore, you may want to consider tinting your brows too.

Try some of our simple tricks to get your brows back in their best shape possible.

Stop plucking or waxing

This might be hard at first, but it’s best to go cold turkey for several weeks and give your brows a chance to make a come back on their own. Hide the tweezers if you need to!

Start exfoliating

Grab yourself a fine scrub and give your eyebrows a gentle going over. You could even try using a very soft toothbrush. This will stimulate blood flow, and remove any dead skin cells that block new growth.

Grab some serum

Visit the chemist or department store and find yourself some brow oils or serums that are designed to promote hair growth. There are many brands available within a variety of price ranges.

Fill in the gaps

While you are waiting for the new growth to occur, you can use your eyebrow pencil or some eye shadow to complete your look.

If you need some help with the shaping of your brows, you can also buy some eyebrow stencils. These allow you to select the shape of brow you like, and then simply follow the guideline of the stencil with your pencil or powder.

Keep things dark

Too-light brows can add years to your look. If you’ve got some super blonde or grey in your brows, try a tinted brow gel, which will help to hide the lighter hairs.

This article originally appeared on Over60.