Chloe Lattanzi has opened up about a recent health decision, announcing she is planning to reverse a lot of her cosmetic surgery enhancements.

Chloe said she is going to have her breast implants removed, just months after her mother Olivia Newton-John died from a turbulent 30 year battle with breast cancer.

Lattanzi, who has reportedly had $845,000 worth of plastic surgery over the years, took to Instagram to talk about her health.

She shared that in trying to be the healthiest version of herself, she has already had fillers in her face dissolved and plans to remove her breast implants.

“I’ve had the fillers removed from my face. When I had it done, I had body dysmorphia so I had very low self-esteem,” Lattanzi admitted.

“I think I started doing (fillers) about 10 years ago,” she continued.

“My face looked very puffy and strange. There’s a product called hyaluronidase that can take it out, it basically dissolves it, which is an ongoing process that I go through.”

Speaking about her breast implants, Chloe said she “wasn’t aware” of the potential health problems that implants can bring.

“I trusted anyone in a white coat and I wasn’t aware that there was any side effects or consequences,” she admitted.

“I’m actually looking into removing them. It does cost a lot of money.”

Lattanzi also spoke about her lip fillers, explaining she has injected them “so much” they are “permanently stretched out”.

“Not that this is anyone’s business, but it hurt to see some of these comments and I just wanted to educate people,” she said.

“You can believe me or not, but it’s the truth, from having them filled so much, they’re just stretched, I haven’t had them done in years.”

Since her mother died in August after her journey with breast cancer, Lattanzi has been outspoken about “preventative care”.

“I’m so excited to be carrying the torch for my mum continuing to not battle cancer, but finding out what’s causing it,” she said.

“Preventive care was something she was very passionate about, you know we need to think about all the drugs that are put into our body.”

Image credits: Instagram 

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