Rebel Wilson made it no secret that she struggled with her weight since she was in her 20s.

But since declaring a “year of health” back in 2020, the Aussie actress has shed more than 30kg thanks to an intense training schedule.

The 42-year-old wanted to get more serious about becoming healthier and hired a team or trainers for her home in Los Angeles and Sydney.

Her trainer in LA was the chief of athletics at F45 Training, Gunnar Peterson, who commends the actress for her dedication.

The 59-year-old trainer gave a bit of an insight into Rebel’s weightloss journey, including techniques, diet and mindset.

“There’s no such thing as typical. The workouts I do here are similar to F45,” he confessed to The Sun.

“You’re not just working on one piece of equipment like a treadmill or a bike or a rower – you’re working in different planes of motions (moving different sections of your body up, down, side to side and backwards/forwards) – the movements are functional, they will serve you in real life.

“It’s a gentle scientific mixture of HIIT cardio, resistance and movement patterns – and you’re going to see improvement across your life. So you’ll be on the treadmill, squatting, pushing a sled, doing dumb-bell rows. Think two to three sets of eight to 12 reps across five different exercises.”

He explained that losing weight is not just physical, but also mentally challenging.

“I think it’s fortifying it, right? You get through certain things that are arduous and then you recognise: ‘Wow, I did that. And I can do that. And I can keep on doing that.”

Rebel’s diet was also restricted by following the Mayr Method which means no snacking, upping protein intake, reducing dairy and gluten, no food after 4pm, no technology, talking or reading whilst eating, and to focus on chewing.

However, Rebel confessed that she would still have two cheat night’s a week, and reminded her fans “you still gotta treat yourself”.

Gunnar offered advice to those looking to get on the health wagon, suggesting to start off slowly with working out, even if it’s once a week.

He also said that if you keep changing your exercise it won’t stick and do what it’s supposed to do.

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