Ally Langdon was forced to cut her Today show hosting duties short this morning after she suddenly became unwell live on-air. At just after 7:30am, Langdon declared that she was struggling but didn’t want to leave the team “in the lurch”.

“I am actually going to take off this morning,” she told her co-host, “because I have got a bit wobbly.”

“I didn’t notice because you are wobbly a lot on a Monday morning,” Karl joked by way of response.

“I would have stayed home but it didn’t hit until I got to work, so this is best for everybody,” Ally replied.

Ally confirmed she had already completed a rapid antigen test to rule out Covid-19 and that she’d be watching Karl’s solo show from the comfort of her own home.

“I’ll be sending notes,” Ally joked before walking off set.

“Whatever she has got I hope I don’t get – I love her,” Karl said.

After the ensuing ad break, Karl brought viewers up to speed: ‘Welcome back to the show,” he said. “Man down, man down.’

‘Now, Ally has unfortunately had to go home. She’s got a very sizeable frog in her throat. She’ll be back on deck tomorrow. In the meantime it’s an empty seat,’ he said.

Brooke Boney then joked Karl ‘looked more relaxed’ hosting the breakfast show without her.

‘Look she does put me on the edge. I never know what’s going to come,’ he replied.

Image: The Today Show

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