Magda Szubanski has called for vilification rules to be put in place for “fat people” online, only to be blasted by her following.

The comedian shared the controversial tweet in which she wondered why “fat” people are not “protected” from hate speech online.

She wrote, “It’s interesting to me that you are banned from attacking just about every identity on Twitter except being fat. Why are we not protected from vilification?”

Szubanski was then blasted by several heartless online users, as she received comments such as, “Have another Snickers bar. Sounds like your blood sugar is low,” and “Lose some weight then.”

Despite receiving plenty of support from fans, the controversial tweet saw more personal attacks.

“Ever see any obese old people? No, because they all die young. If you are going to do that to yourself, then you will have to accept noticing,” another wrote.

“Because you choose to be fat,” yet another wrote.

Magda was only too happy to call out the backlash, as she accused the online users of dumping their “toxic self-loathing” onto her, as they believe she “wouldn’t fight back”.

“It’s pretty clear from the response to my tweet that some people hate fat people because their own hearts are so full of hate that they need to dump all their toxic self-loathing onto someone who they think won’t fight back.”

“Well, not this little fat duck. She got teeth,” she wrote.

She also went on to say that the online trolls proved her point entirely as many commenters defended her, saying it would go a long way if we were all a little nicer to each other online.

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