Princess Beatrice has opened up about her battle with dyslexia, as well as sharing the moment she realised she had the condition.

While attending the World Dyslexia Assembly in Stockholm, Beatrice was joined by Swedish royals Prince Carl Philip and his wife, Princess Sofia.

Prince Carl also suffers from dyslexia, and is working with his wife to help break the stigma of the affliction.

They shared a photo of their meeting with the British royals with the caption, “A special thank you to Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, a longtime activist for dyslexic minds, and to her husband Edoardo for joining us”.

Princess Beatrice’s husband Edoardo, too, has dyslexia.

Speaking at the event, Beatrice said, “I began my dyslexia journey at age seven when, probably like many in this room, the words on the page began dancing off things in the room.”

“I was lucky enough to be supported by the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre and what I’ve learnt about my discovery about my dyslexia is that I was incredibly lucky to have the types of teachers and specialist support that the centre really did offer.”

“One of the most important things that we need to do is to take that particular learning and make sure that every teacher has an opportunity to understand what is possible.”

“Teachers are our first line of defence for every child.”

Beatrice said while her “spelling is appalling” and home-schooling her stepson Wolfie during the coronavirus pandemic was “not her forte”, she sees her dyslexia as an asset.

“It was always about moving forward, it was always about what you could do. Never about what you can’t.”

Attending the event was Princess Beatrice’s first official engagement since giving birth to her daughter Sienna in October.

Image credits: Instagram @prinsparet

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