Sam Armytage has made a refreshingly honest declaration about the harsh realities of ageing.

In her column for Stellar Magazine, the Farmer Wants a Wife host said she is no longer worrying about the small things that used to bother her.

“It turns out that as you get older, you don’t actually figure anything out,” she wrote in her November column.

“You just don’t have the energy to care any more.”

While she admitted it’s not about giving up, she explained why she has felt more freedom since ditching the worries of passing fads and fashions of youth.

“There are few things that have brought me more pleasure recently than hearing that the skinny jeans fad is kaput,” she joked, before noting that she’d now started adding retinol into her skincare routine.

She added that she had reached the point of constantly turning down the volume in the car – or wanting someone else to turn it down in the bar or restaurant.

“And a dose of the COVID Delta virus seems to have somehow affected the shape of my feet; I simply can’t wear high heels all day anymore,” she added.

But rather than letting these things get her down, Armytage, 46, said she has felt the liberation of getting older.

Not having the energy to care about “figuring stuff out” wasn’t keeping her awake at night – it was more likely the uncomfy pillow or crick in the neck that was responsible for that problem.

“I must say I’m finding wide-leg jeans, flat shoes and the salads and greens on my dining table at home – complete with background music at normal levels – all very joyful,” she wrote.

After posting her latest column to Instagram, she received an outpouring of praise from her followers for “keeping it real”.

“Sounds like you’re really in tune with everything,” one follower observed.

“You’re happy and content. It’s the little things in life that you notice change when you feel that contentment.”

Image credits: Instagram

This article first appeared on OverSixty.