Johnny Ruffo said he owes everything to his girlfriend Tahnee Sims for constantly being by his side as he battles through his terminal brain cancer.

But behind-the-scenes is one more person that the former Home and Away star has to thank for her support.

Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene Roberts, has also been a rock in Johnny’s life as he pushes through his chemotherapy.

“She’s been amazing,” the former X-Factor star told TV Week.

“She constantly checks in and asks how I’m doing. She always wants to go out for dinner.

“I can’t stress enough how people like her help get through tough times. She’s just a wonderful person. Having people like that to say ‘Oh, how are you feeling this week?’ and little sweet things like that make all the difference. It’s a great support network.”

When it comes to Tahnee, Johnny admits that he wouldn’t have been able to go through his diagnosis without her.

“Having Tahnee by my side every step of the way, literally and metaphorically, she’s incredible. I couldn’t do it without her,” he previously said.

“She does it just as hard as I do. She’s having to deal with all the doctors and what they’re saying, and then she has to deal with me once we get home as well.”

The singer is going through chemotherapy once every three weeks and said he wanted to give gave as the holiday season creeps up.

Ruffo partnered with Amazon Australia to help twelve superhero children from the Starlight Children’s Foundation to become official toy testers for the festive season.

“It brings such joy to me. It’s a privilege to be able to know that you are helping them forget about everything that they’re going through,” he said in the Starlight Children’s Foundation campaign.

“I feel like I get as much out of it as the kids. It’s quite cathartic for me to be able to bring joy to these children who are somewhat in a similar position.”

The 34-year-old was first diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017 after struggling with multiple headaches.

Ruffo then announced in 2019 that he was in remission, but by November 2020 the cancer had returned, before confirming in 2022 that his illness is terminal.

He has also recently released a memoir called No Finish Line, dedicated to his girlfriend, in which he details his experiences recording music, acting, his family and loved ones.

The title, he explains, is that “it wasn’t the end”.

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