Many products on supermarket shelves claim to be “nutritional”, which can make it difficult to discern which items are worth the buy.

But now, the Healthy Food Guide has revealed the winners of their annual top health food picks.

“Our team of dietitians have closely analysed hundreds of brands across 10 major food categories to discover the most nutritious and best value for money,” the experts wrote.

Here are the winners of each category.

1. Bread

The winner of the bread category was Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds as it is packed with a high level of fibre and has a low number of carbohydrates.

Other standout entrants included Helga’s Square Loaf and Mission Foods’ low-carb wraps which can be used as a bread substitute.



2. Lunch box snacks

Parents looking to reduce lunch box prep time without compromising nutrition should consider Woolworths’ Perfection Fresh Qukes Baby Cucumbers.

The snack, which comes in packets of five, was named the winner for the category.

All of the lunch box finalists were low in sugar and contained less than 144 calories.



3. Pantry staples

The winner of the pantry staple category was Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This product made the top spot for its ability to make “healthy cooking a breeze” as well as its nutritional benefits.

Coming in behind the popular olive oil was San Remo’s CousCous and microwaveable Quick Cups by SunRice.



4. Best cereal

Shoppers are flooded with a choice of breakfast cereals in the supermarket, with many having labels that are hard to decipher.

Other contenders for the spot were Woolworth’s home brand muesli, as well as other porridge and granola-based breakfasts.



5. Vegetarian food

In recent years, supermarkets have expanded their selection of vegetarian options. Impressively, a burger took the title for this category as it contains six grams of both protein and fibre, in addition to being gluten-free. Coles’ homebrand Southern Smoked Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers were named the winners.



6. Yoghurts

According to the Healthy Food Guide, nine out of ten Australian’s aren’t consuming enough dairy.

The magazine recommends shoppers look to increase their intake by purchasing Rokeby Farms’ Whole Protein Style Quark, which was named the best yoghurt for its high level of protein.

However, if the strong flavour is too much, shoppers can also choose Danone’s YoPro, which packs 15g of protein compared to Rokeby’s 17g.



7. Ready meals

While some ready meals lack in taste and nutritional value, the magazine highlighted their top pick. Michelle Bridges and Woolwoths’ Beef and Tomato Casserole contains three servings of vegetables per meal. Super Nature bowls was also a top contender for the category.



8. Best allergy-friendly snack

The winner for the best allergy-friendly snack was Carman’s Super Seed & Grain Crackers in the Ancient Grain and Cracked Pepper flavour. 

 9. Best packaged savoury snack

The experts at the Healthy Food Guide magazine voted The Happy Snack Company Roasted Chic Peas (Lightly Salted) as the winner in this category.



10. Best packaged sweet snack

The brand which took home the title as the best packaged sweet snack was Emma & Tom’s Milk No Added Sugar in Espresso. The brand's products are free from preservatives, concentrates and artificial flavours.


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Article created in partnership with Over60