Ever since the dawn of time, looks have always played a huge part in the lives of humans. Our physical appearance has a lot to do with how people treat us, and how we come across. 

While we’re constantly told that it’s “what’s on the inside that counts”, a new study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour investigated just how much our outwards appearance affects what we carry inside.

The results of the study revealed that our personality is not entirely based on what we look like, but instead, it comes down to gender and behaviour.

Scientists from the University of Gottingen gathered two groups from Germany and the UK and analysed them. Each participant was imaged using a 3D body scanner and had their grip and upper body strength measured to reveal their strength and physique.

This resulted in examiners not being able to confirm if extraversion in women and their physical beauty went hand in hand.

“Although women who consider themselves attractive are actually more likely to be sociable and less shy, it could be their positive self-image that is the reason for this,” said Christoph von Borell, the lead author.

To find out if their outward appearance had any effect on their behaviour, researchers brought in other people to assess the participants.

“When we did this, the connection can no longer be observed,” explained von Borell.

The results for men showed that those who were more muscular were far more extraverted than those who weren’t.

This article was written in partnership with Over60.