A trainee nurse on his way to work has been hailed a hero after jumping into action and saving a toddler.

Nicholas Jensen did not think twice when he heard a mother screaming for someone to help her two-year-old daughter who was turning blue and foaming from the mouth.

Nicholas Jensen is seen running to the emergency department. Image 7News

The 44-year-old nurse grabbed the motionless toddler and placed her in the recovery position before rushing to the Princess Alexandra Hospital emergency room in Brisbane.

CCTV from the hospital carpark captured the heroic moment he ran to the hospital with the girl’s mother following behind.

The nurse enters the hospital where he is directed into a room. Image 7News

Inside, he is seen running through the emergency department where he is directed by a fellow nurse through a door where he is met by seven other nurses.

They rush him into a room where the toddler is placed on a bed and resuscitation begins to save the child.

He is met with other nurses who again direct him to another room. Image: 7News

The nurses saved the toddler’s life and found she had suffered an atypical febrile convulsion which can be caused by a viral infection and fever, 7News reported.

Doctors ordered the toddler to stay for two days for observation and is now doing well, thanks to Nicholas’s quick thinking.

The girl is placed on the bed as nurses begin to save her life. Image: 7News

“In the moment adrenalin and my training kicked in,” he said.

“This is why I got into this job, great job satisfaction. It is a meaningful career.”

Nicholas steps back as he watches on the nurses working on the toddler. Image: 7News

Images: 7News

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