No one is immune to cravings, but if you find yourself frequently having specific hankerings, your body could be trying to tell you something. 

Carbs – If you’re craving processed carbs such as pasta or bread, your body is likely really craving sugar. Your body processes carbs the same way it process sugars. Sugars in high calorie forms such as carbs or sweets are highly addictive, so excessive amounts can create a vicious cycle.

Sugary snacks – If you’re craving candy (without any obvious emotional trigger) you might be consuming too many processed carbs. Because, as stated above, the body treats carbs and sugars in the same way, eating carbs can spike your blood sugar. When it drops back down, you might find yourself craving sugary sweets.

Salty snacks – If you’re craving salty snacks such as chips, you might be thirsty. When you consume salt, your body retains more water. If your body is telling you to eat salty foods, try having a glass of water instead. Salt cravings can also indicate a high level of stress hormones in the body, so practicing stress reduction may also help curb the hankering.

Meat – If you find yourself craving meat such as hamburgers or steak, this could mean your body is low on protein, iron, zinc, or vitamin B, which are found in red meats.

Fried foods – If you’re craving fatty fried foods, this could mean you’re not getting enough sleep. If your body is tired, it might be looking for an instantly satisfying fix, leading you to crave fries or greasy breakfast foods.

Chocolate – If you’re craving chocolate, this could be an emotional trigger, since we’ve come to associate chocolate as a comfort food. Additionally, it could represent a deficiency of magnesium, which is essential for healthy skin and hair. Instead of reaching for the chocolate, try eating magnesium rich nuts.

Article created in partnership with Over60