James Park is the co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, a wearable technology that tracks health statistics, such as the number of steps you take in a day, as well as tracking your quality of sleep.

SleepScore is a new feature implemented by Fitbit that gives you a score based on your quality of sleep. Although in beta testing since December, Park is hoping it’ll be available worldwide shortly thanks to the paid service Fitbit plans to launch in the second half of 2019.

However, Park is still aware of the challenges that Fitbit faces to get to the number one spot.

“For us, our whole strategy is about bringing more people onto Fitbit, and the key theme that you heard in this launch is simplicity and affordability,” Park said.

“It’s all about more accessible, affordable devices working in concert with software that knows you and helps guide you and coach you.”

Park also says that cognitive behaviour therapy is a big reason as to why people aren’t sleeping properly.

“There’s a technique called cognitive behavioural therapy, because a lot of the challenges that people face in going to bed is psychological.

“Helping people work through those issues through digital therapies is another part of what we’re going to offer,” Park said.

“With cognitive behavioural therapy, one part is that when people get into bed they just lie there. But that’s not good. Your brain should think that bed is where you sleep, not where you’re just lounging around.

“So, one part of cognitive behavioural therapy is that you should only get into bed when you’re absolutely tired, not when you think you should go to bed.”

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Republished with Over60.