When we think of “aged care”, all too often our thoughts leap to hard-working nurses caring for the elderly, either in respite centres, retirement villages or via in-home care. But what about the unsung heroes of aged care we don’t hear quite so much about?

Those unsung heroes are the everyday family and informal carers who take the time to look after an older family member or loved one to ensure they are comfortable – and yet they often do so without receiving the support or help they deserve.

In fact, incredibly, there are a surprising number of people in that position who aren’t even aware they ARE considered official “carers”, and as such are entitled to support for their own health and wellbeing.

It’s so important for these carers to be given the chance to take a break from their responsibilities, so that they can continue to look after their loved ones properly.

That’s why Resthaven places such an emphasis on looking to improve the quality of life not just for elderly Australians but also their carers.

To this end, they offer quality residential aged care and in-home care services, retirement living, and wellness services in Adelaide and regional South Australia – all while campaigning to challenge the negative stereotypes that often come with aged care, and continuously looking to better their services.

To begin with, there are a few basic questions that Resthaven asks so that carers are actually aware they are carers in the first place, and therefore entitled to valuable support.

  • Do you provide daily support to a person without being paid?
  • If you did not provide this support, would this person be unable to complete the tasks themselves? (Support may include shopping, paying bills, assisting with showering, making meals, providing transport etc.)
  • Is the person unsafe when left alone for long periods of time?
  • Has the person been diagnosed with dementia or a severe disability?
  • Is the person you support frail or aged (over 65)?

If any of these situations apply to you, then you are recognised as a carer and are entitled to support for your own health and wellbeing.

Resthaven is committed to assisting carers alongside their everyday activities ranging from work, social engagement, an appointment, medical procedure, a volunteer commitment among other things.

“A little respite support can sustain carers so they can continue their caring role, and the person they care for can stay living at home for longer,” a Resthaven spokesperson says.

“Respite also provides carers and the people they care for with an experience of different care facilities that may be required in the future.”

Resthaven offers caring, high-quality services for the person under your care and is also flexible to work around your schedule.

The different types of respite on offer from Resthaven include:

In-home Respite
If the older person you’re caring for prefers to stay in their home, then Resthaven staff provide assistance by supporting their lifestyle. Support and activities are tailored depending on each individual as well as their needs, interests and requirements.

Group Respite
Older people who are involved in group programs are able to take advantage of social clubs and group outings offered by Resthaven.

Respite Cottages
Respite cottages are perfect for a day or short-term overnight getaway in one of Resthaven’s home-style environments. Respite cottages tailor planned group respite programs during the day according to the attendees’ needs and preferences. There is no minimum stay, instead a maximum stay of two weeks.

Carer Support Groups
Carer Support Groups provide information, referrals, support groups, social groups, therapy and allied health services and counselling.

Residential Respite
Residential respite is available at any of Resthaven’s aged care homes across South Australia, with a minimum stay of two weeks to a maximum 63 days per year. Based on a member’s government assessment process and availability, a suitable place in Resthaven is then considered. A short period of residential respite offers carers the opportunity to have a break, a holiday, or simply some time out from their busy schedule. The person being cared for will be able to access the benefits of the site’s activities, social programs, library and internet café.

So if you’re in need of support or would simply like to know more about Resthaven’s aged care options, now’s the time to find out how they can be of service to you.

All images: Courtesy of Resthaven.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Resthaven.