People accustomed to stowing their phone in their pocket may want to rethink an alternate form of transport, with new research claiming there may be serious medical ramifications.

The study, headed by American scientist Dr Devra Davis, has suggested that the radiation emitted by mobile phones is similar to that used in the medical field to treat and detect cancer and enhance the absorption of drugs in the brain.

Which is positive, sure, but the reason it can do this is because the radiation breaks down the blood brain barrier which protects the brain from foreign substances.

The research has also suggested this radiation can also damage DNA, affect male fertility and change the brain’s metabolism as well as contribute to the development of diabetes and heart irregularities.

In a talk at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Dr Devra Davis also warned against the new pattern of putting phones in someone’s bra, saying: “The pattern of putting cell phones in the bra, and now there’s a new device where you can actually have the phone strapped to your head, made me concerned about what we know about exposure to phones.”

Article created in partnership with Over60.