Despite many Aussie households forking out hundreds of dollars a year on laundry detergents, a new report by a consumer watchdog has revealed that some products on supermarket shelves have the same effect as doing a load of washing in plain water.

CHOICE tested 100 laundry detergent brands and have ranked the best and worst on the market.

Surprisingly, the top-performing laundry detergent was not a pricey option but Coles’ Ultra Front that is only $4.

In second place was OMO Ultimate Front which retails at $21.99.

It was followed by OMO Ultimate which is priced at $21.99.

Aldi’s $5.69 Trimat Advanced Laundry Powder ranked fourth and OMO Active Clean came in fifth, which is priced at $10.]

The consumer watchdog also revealed which products performed no better than water.

The products that were ranked at the bottom of the list include Ecostore Laundry Liquid Top (46 per cent), Fab Gold Absolute Liquid Top (46 per cent), Surf Beautiful Botanicals Top (46 per cent), BioZet Attack 3D Clean Action Top (46 per cent) and in last spot, Supreme Heavy Duty Laundry Liquid Top (45 per cent).

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Article created in partnership with Over60