4 ways to decorate a wall

Scroll through the gallery to see the ways you can decorate your wall.

By Gema Beneitez. 

Metallic circles

Add a polished touch to a dark coloured wall using faux stainless-steel PVC film. Cut film into different sized circles then remove the backing and apply to the wall in random positions.

Timber blocks

Display vases and ornaments on cubes cut from a length of square timber. Mount cubes on a wall using toggle hooks and use Command Picture Hanging Stripsto add decorative blocks.

Rubber tiles

Tactile rubber floor tiles create an interesting textured effect on a wall. Attach offcuts of different shapes and colours using construction adhesive and overlap them to add depth.

Cork panels

Create wall art that doubles as a noticeboard using panels of cork. Buy cork tiles from a hardware store, cut to size and attach with construction adhesive.

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