1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away – According to a 2013 study, when English test subjects over the age of 50 ate an apple per day, they prevented 8500 heart attacks and strokes each year. It’s time to stock up on those apples.

2. Counting sheep will help you sleep – Counting sheep, or more specifically, visualisation can help you sleep by distracting you from anxiety and stress-laden thoughts, allowing you to drift off sooner.

3. Eat chicken soup when you have a cold – It’s common practise to eat chicken soup when you have a cold, and there’s good reason behind it: according to studies, chicken soup helps to reduce inflammation by means of slowing down the white blood cell activity that causes it.

4. The hair of the dog that bit you – It’s commonly said that after a big night out, having a drink the next day can alleviate your hangover, and it’s not wrong. According to studies, consuming small amounts of alcohol can reduce the hangover symptoms caused from withdrawal.

5. Eat chocolate during your period – There’s a reason woman notoriously reach for chocolate during their menstrual cycle, and it isn’t just because it’s delicious. Chocolate, which contains antioxidants called anandamide, can calm the consumer while reducing anxiety and moderating moods.

6. Eating cheese before bed gives you weird dreams – According to research, bacterial and fungal properties of cheese are considered “psychoactive” ingredients, which can affect the lucidity and vividness of your dreams, but do not necessarily equal nightmares.


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