A fashion influencer from Montreal, Canada, has taken on the trolls who see fit to tear her down for shamelessly embracing her style in her 60s.

Roslyn Griner has had a passion for fashion for as long as she can remember – she credits her late mother, a seamstress who would often make Roslyn items to wear, with developing her love for the fashion world.

Nowadays, she shares her style journey with over 11k followers on social media. She embraces chic looks, current trends, and dons pieces most commonly marketed to younger generations – and stuns in every single one of them.


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And while the majority of her comments are positive, with many praising Roslyn for her bold choices, it hasn’t stopped the outspoken few from sharing their distaste.

However, Roslyn won’t be stopped quite so easily, and has spoken out against her haters, putting an end to the idea that anyone has to stop dressing the way that makes them happy just because they’ve celebrated another birthday.

“People say I am dressing inappropriately,” Roslyn said, “but it’s about your style, not your age number.”

“We become this invisible minority when we hit a certain age and are known as mothers and grandmothers,” she continued, “but you can be sexy and all these things.

“You don’t lose the zest for life.”

She went on to speak of her desire to inspire women, and show them that they “don’t have to stop dressing a certain way just because you’re 50 or 60.”


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And when it comes to the inspiration for her looks, Roslyn noted that she loves music, and that it has the power to help keep people youthful. As well as that, she’s an avid gym goer, and uses her fashion to highlight some of the things she likes most about herself.

“I’m showcasing how I like to dress,” she said. “I wear mini-skirts, I like my legs, so I’m going to show them off.

“My style of dressing isn’t for everyone,” she added, “but I don’t address the negative comments anymore.

“You can be conservative in your 30s or trendy in your 50s. I’m showing young girls that it is not scary to age. It’s cool to be my age.”


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For those struggling with their confidence, Roslyn admitted that she herself “didn’t come into myself until my late 30s”, and that she wrestled with being shy and feeling unattractive for most of her 20s.

“I feel I’m much more confident now. As you go down the path of life you care less about everyone’s opinions,” she explained.

“I’m transparent and I have had Botox. Exercise keeps me ageless. I never feel like my age.

“I’m not creaky, I’m dynamic. I’m living in the present.”

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This article first appeared on Over60.