The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could not hold back their tears of laughter after an aged care resident berated the pair for their “bingo calling” skills during a visit to Cardiff.

Prince William and Kate Middleton both visited Shire Hall Care Home in Wales three months after conducting a virtual bingo session for the staff and residents.

Joan Drew-Smith, 87, did not forget the pair’s appearance via live stream either and claimed they both did a “b—–y s—–y job” at it.

The spirited elderly woman was certainly open and vocal about the couple’s lack of bingo calling skills during their session in May, claiming it “wasn't as good as it should have been,” to the press.

Upon reuniting with Drew-Smith, the Duke asked if she remembered him.

“'Hello Joan, do you remember we did the bingo with you? You said we weren't very good!” Prince William said.

Drew-Smith replied with a simple “yes”, adding “You did a b——y s—–y job”.

Though initially taken aback by Drew-Smith's blunt feedback, however they both into a fit of laughter moments later.

Drew-Smith continued her comedy routine, by asking Kate Middleton if she was the prince’s “assistant.”

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Laughing in response, the Duchess replied: “I have been for a long time.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the quaint Welsh town to see for themselves the brand-new beach huts installed as part of the Vale of Glamorgan Council's £6 million (10.9 million AUD) regeneration project in the community.

The pair also met with aged care residents, and thankfully enough met a much more welcoming resident.

Margaret Stocks, 95, told the pair: “I did enjoy it,”, claiming she “hadn't played,” bingo before, despite being the victor of the virtual game.

“Neither had we!” the Duchess responded, admitting that's why the pair were “so bad” at calling the numbers.

“It was a new experience for us,” William added.

The Prince shared his admiration for Drew-Smith's candid nature, and only had praise for her when speaking to a staff member: “I love Joan, she's brilliant. If only everyone was as honest as her.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.