Studio 10's Angela Bishop has given insight to her recent weight loss, admitting she changed one simple thing in her routine to drop her excess weight. 

The 52-year-old explained her simple lifestyle change didn’t involve altering her diet or hitting up the gym – but instead involved giving up energy drinks. 

“I recently gave up my sugar-free energy drink addiction,” she revealed on Studio 10. 

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“'I was drinking between 2-3 cans a day and changing absolutely nothing else about my diet, I've lost two kilos in three and a half weeks.”

Angela admitted it was a major struggle giving up her addiction. 

“The withdrawal from the drinks was very painful,” she recalled.

“I had very very bad headaches and didn't feel good at all.” 

But since officially kicking her cravings, the star says she feels “great”. 

This article originally appeared on Over60.