A Melbourne resident tried to spread joy to her community by drawing on footpaths in chalk, but has since been labelled a “pretentious pr**k” by one of her neighbours.

Fiona Cracknell set up Cracknell Chalk Drawings to showcase her chalk designs on Facebook.

“I started drawing for my beautiful 3 year old daughter, had no idea it would impact my local neighbourhood while in lockdown this much,” Ms Cracknell wrote on the page.

However, another resident took issue with the drawings and has since complained to council.

“Someone has complained to the Council about my chalk drawing. Calling me a pretentious p**ck and that I am graffitiing,” Ms Cracknell wrote on the Facebook page on Thursday.

“First of all I was doing to bringing joy to the community [sic], not cause drama and second, the Coucil loves it. For the first time in ages I have brought positive news to Gladstone Park.

“I cannot believe this! I am really upset and angry. All I wanted was to make people smile at a time they needed it the most.”


The letter was sent in anonymously and called the artwork “destructive graffiti”.

“I’ve copied the letter to the pretentious p**cks at that house in the hope they will see this letter as a warning and cease their crap,” the letter says.

“They may also get it into their skulls that graffiti of council land is illegal. Placing the lives of locals at risk because of their desire to.”

However, the council won't be doing anything, according to a statement from 7News.

“Chalk messages and drawings on streets have been developed by children and adults alike during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing hope and joy to Victorians during this difficult time,” the statement to Seven News said.

“Council will not issue any fines for these drawings or ask for them to be removed.

This article originally appeared on Over60.