A video on Twitter has shocked royal fans as they believe it's the first sign of tension between the royal family.

The video was taken at Prince Charles' 70th birthday party, which was a garden party event at Buckingham Palace. 

The outing was the Sussex family's first outing as newlyweds, which was just three days after they tied the knot.

It seems all was not peachy at the event, as the resurfaced 2019 video appears to show Harry and Meghan allegedly being asked to leave the event.

The couple were greeting guests and Prince Harry was pulled aside by Prince Charles.

An unintelligible conversation followed before Harry rushed to Meghan's side and the pair leave the event, with Meghan looking confused.

Prince Charles did not say goodbye to his new daughter-in-law at the event.

The turn of events was surprising as Prince Harry had just given a speech 15 minutes earlier.

The unveiled footage comes after a tell-all book being published, which details the royal couple's first public appearance going down like a lead balloon.

In the book, Lady Colin claims Meghan demanded her and Prince Harry leave the event 15 minutes in, after she said she was ‘bored’.

Despite Lady Collin's claims being unable to be proven due to the short video, her claim holds merit. This is due to her tell-all book on Princess Diana that had previously unknown details that were proven to be true. 

This article originally appeared on Over60.