Dr Louise Mahler has cast her expert eye over every movement made by the royal family at Prince Philip’s funeral.

Mahler told The Morning Show the public was banned from attending and was able to easily read people due to the 30 mourners allowed in the Chapel.

“Any little thing stood out dramatically,” she said.

Mahler said that the Queen’s heartbreak over losing her husband of 73 years was devastating.

“She was hunched, she was slightly unstable on her feet, she seemed to be favouring one side,” she said of the moment the Queen arrived at the Chapel.

“She was covered, she had her head down so we didn’t really see her face at all,” Mahler said.

“It was just heartbreakingly devastating to watch.”

Duchess Kate was also a part of a major moment between Prince Harry and Prince William as the brothers came face to face for the first time in a year.

“She never moved her head from Harry, she had his attention, she kept the conversation just about the funeral,” she explained.

“She kept his attention and made it very easy for William just to have a little word in about the funeral and nothing else.”

“Kate kept that attention, kept that energy and kept that focus.”

“It was genius at work really under enormously stressful situation.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.