Radio host Kyle Sandilands was live on KIIS FM as he branded the Paralympics as “horrific” after watching the high-jump event and the soccer.

“Players throwing themselves on the ground like sausages to block the ball” was how he described watching the soccer, going on to suggest “Shake it off” the popular Metro Station song be the theme song of the games.

“Kyle’s comments are abhorrent, ignorant and ableist” Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John says as he calls for Kyle to be sacked from his role in broadcasting.

“These comments are hurtful to disabled people. He needs to pull his head in and apologise to our athletes and the disability community”.

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Australia sits eighth in the medal tally as Dylan Alcott’s semi-final win brought the audience to tears on Wednesday night.

The 30-year-old tennis professional beat Dutch teen Niels Vink in what he described as “the best match of his life”. Moments like these have really won over millions of viewers across the world.

While Kyle admitted to liking the “spirt of the contest” he quickly slapped down newsreader Brooklyn Ross who said Paralympians put in more effort than those able-bodied athletes.

“You can be nice to handicapped athletes, but you don’t have to compare them to the non-handicapped. You don’t have to lift them up to be better than the non-handicapped” he said.

Dylan Alcott. Image: Getty.

Kyle Sandilands has always been a controversial figure in the media and has previously been close to losing his job on the most popular radio show in Sydney.

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