A Coles customer has spoken of her concern after an unsettling incident with a knife she collected during the supermarket’s recent promotion.

Late last year, Coles gave shoppers the opportunity to collect premium MasterChef knives for free every time they shopped in store or online.

Now, Rosie from Victoria has taken to social media to reveal how her steak knife developed a large crack in the blade.

Speaking to 7News, a spokesperson for Coles said the supermarket is currently investigating the incident with its supplier.

A photo posted by the customer shows that the knife has nearly snapped in two.

“So what’s up with the @masterchefau knife doing this?” Rosie asked on Coles’ official Twitter page.

“Did no more than slice a steak or two and the odd chop, plus a trip or two in the dishie.

“Known fault? Anyone else have the same? Glad it didn’t fly off into someone.”

Rosie said she was “genuinely concerned” the issue may happen to another Coles shopper with the knives.

A Coles spokesperson apologised for the incident, and said the supermarket was looking into the issue.

“We’re sorry to see this has happened. We have contacted the customer and will be investigating the matter with our supplier,” the spokesperson said.

To help ensure our customers get the best use from their MasterChef knives, we have provided safety and care instructions online at”

This article originally appeared on Over60.