After weeks of not being able to get basics like mince and sausages, things seem to be returning back to normal at supermarkets across the country.

Not only are these items easier to get your hands on, but shoppers have also reported that they’re being sold at a huge discount in certain stores. 

Speaking to, a spokesman for Coles revealed that certain items of meat have been slashed in price after panic-buying saw Aussies strip shelves bare quicker than they could be restocked.

Now, as shopping habits return back to normal, the supermarket giant was experiencing an “oversupply” in some stores – leading to markdowns.

“We saw demand for meat increase astronomically in March as customers started to self-isolate and cook at home more often,” said Coles.

“As demand begins to normalise some stores have extra stock to clear, some have a lot and some have a little.”

Ecstatic shoppers took to social media to flaunt their Coles haul, sharing photos of the tempting deals.

“Heaps of cheap meats like crazy prices I’ve never seen before like really they literally started at $1,” one shopper wrote in the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group.

“I just got 99 cent mince 10 minutes ago and there was pork sausages for 99c too,” wrote another.

One person claimed the price slashing had been “happening a lot”, putting it down to being “way oversupplied”.

It’s uncertain whether Woolworths and ALDI are experiencing the same issue.

This article originally appeared on Over60.