Australians are falling victim to a very realistic scam.

Scamwatch has warned consumers about an email circulating which appears to be from Australia Post.

The email asks recipients to pay a small delivery fee.

“Scammers are continuing to impersonate Australia Post by claiming you need to pay a small shipping fee for your parcel,” it said.

“The emails may look legitimate with real logos and contact details, but are just an attempt to steal your credit card details. Just delete the email.”

Members of the public replied to the tweet to share similar experiences.

“I got this, but as a phone message, deleted,” one wrote.

“I had the same thing but for paypal,” another replied.

Australia Post has been made aware of the scam and posted on its website warning customers to stay away from it.

This year there were 62,895 scams reported with a financial loss of $63,136,741.

Such scams are more popular due to a surge of online shopping in 2020 with year-on-year online purchases growing 57 per cent.

“Around four in five households – that’s 9 million – bought something online at some point in the year,” Australia Post’s website states.