A Melbourne man has gone viral on social media app TikTok after sharing his “sneaky” method of getting out of a parking fine.

User @omar_sbai uploaded a clip to the social media platform, telling people he had not paid for his dodgy parking in over a month – simply by displaying an old parking fine on his windshield.

Racking up almost 500,000 views, the man records himself sticking the old fine on the front windshield of his car as a way to deter parking inspectors from giving him a fresh one.

“So I got this ticket about a month ago and I’ve been using the same one every single day since, and guess what, I haven’t gotten a ticket again,” he said.

The video received hundreds of comments of praise from people who were keen to try out the “hack”.

“This is so clever,” one person replied.

“I need to try this,” another person added.

A few people revealed they had tried out the trick – but without the same success.

“I tried this a few years back and they put a new ticket directly on top of the old one I had on my windshield,” one person said.

“It doesn’t work,” another user chimed in. “I tried and got double fined.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.