The Project guest Steve Price has been waiting for months to reunite with his mother Margo since the lockdown, and the pair finally met up on Wednesday night.

Price was thrilled as he sat next to his mother on Wednesday night’s episode, where he revealed his mother lives in Adelaide.

“Well Steve, I’m pleased to report arrived at her home in Adelaide earlier today for their first face-to-face meeting since February and they both join us now. Steve, how good is it to see your mum?” asked host Waleed Aly.
“It is fantastic. It has been 289 days. I counted it out today. As I’ve said on the program a couple of times, I got very emotional about it,” Price said.

“I can’t say how old mum is, but she is north of 85. It got to the point during this, where like a lot of Australians, you sat there and thought ‘Well, I can’t go across the border. I can’t go and see my own mother and I might not seen her again.’ I got lost in the Adelaide Hills and we’re here and happy.”

Fans were shocked to realise that his mother looked so young.

“Steve Price’s mum looks younger than him!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another agreed, saying “his mum doesn’t look 85+ at all!”

Peter Helliar sweetly asked Margo what it was like seeing Price after all this time.

“Well, I saw him pull up this morning and I had a little bit of a tear in the eye,” she said. “It was just lovely to see him because I haven’t seen any of my family for a year and Steve since February. So, it was just beautiful.”

“Are you sick of him yet?” asked Helliar.

“Nearly! Not quite. Nearly,” Margo laughed.

Thankfully, the pair can spend Christmas together as Price heartbreakingly revealed in earlier episodes that might not be the case due to restrictions.

“I’ve had to have a very difficult conversation again today,” a downcast Price told his Project co-hosts during a previous episode.

“Yesterday I gave my mother a date. I said, I will be there on the 10th of December in the car to pick you up after not seeing you since February. She’s 87, she can’t fly in a plane, she can’t drive herself. (And now) we may get shut-out again.”

“She said this morning, ‘OK, I’m just going to have Christmas Day on my own. I won’t make the Christmas cake ‘cos there’ll be no-one here to eat it,’” he said.

“I’m not being overdramatic – I really felt this morning that she’d gone downhill badly because of this news. And imagine how many other South Australians are in that boat tonight? It’s a bastard of a thing, this COVID.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.