A father of a young girl broke down in court after recalling his daughter telling him about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her swim coach Kyle Daniels.

The man, who cannot be identified, recalled vividly that he was riding the bus to work when his wife rang him to tell him their daughter had said she was touched by her swimming teacher.

“I got off at the next stop and walked back home as quick as I could,” he said.

There, his daughter told him: “My instructor touched me when I was in class, touched me on my privates when I was in class.”

“I recall I said to her, are you OK? You are brave for telling me,” the father said.

The man was asked if his daughter had offered any more details, to which he said: “She did say that the instructor had gone under her costume with his fingers and sometimes fingers went inside her.”

The man stopped his testimony as he began to cry and stopped speaking. He resumed 40 seconds later after wiping tears from his eyes.

His daughter is among nine young girls who police alleged were touched by Kyle Daniels, 22, as he taught them at Mosman Swim Centre between February 2018 and February 2019.

Eight of the girls had their prerecorded evidence played to a jury, with several parents also taking the stand.

The girl whose father gave testimony had prerecorded evidence played to the jury on Wednesday, and said that Mr Daniels had touched her 3-5 times per lesson in eight different classes.

The trial continues.

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This article originally appeared on Over60.