With winter well and truly upon us, there’s no better way to beat the cold than with a cuppa while you cozy up in front of the TV. But how much better could that be if you knew you were also supporting a tea that’s 100 percent locally grown?

Coming in as the second most consumed beverage in the world, it’s easy to see why a whopping 69% of our population have purchased tea over the last six months – with more than half of all tea lovers consuming the delicious beverage daily. However, would it surprise you to learn that only 1 in 10 cups of tea consumed in Australia are actually grown here?

The Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland is home to a vast single-origin tea estate that is responsible for 85% of the tea grown in Australia. Proudly owned and run by Nerada Tea, it is the ideal climate to grow and produce tea of such outstanding quality. It’s amazing to think that right here in our very own backyard we have been cultivating some of the finest quality black, green and oolong tea in the world, amongst other variants.

The estate itself is nestled between Queensland’s highest mountain ranges in the rich volcanic soils at an altitude of around 750 metres. This pristine environment and unique aspects all serve a significant purpose in giving Nerada Tea the distinctive flavour profile that Aussies have come to know and love.

Not only is it proudly Australian grown, but Nerada Tea is 100% pesticide free – which further enhances the quality and authentic taste, compared to its international counterparts where pests and other insects remain a persistent issue in the industry.

Additionally, Nerada is Rainforest Alliance certified – and at a time where sustainability matters now more than ever, this stamp of approval ensures the tea you’re consuming was produced with our environment firmly top of mind.

By making the choice to purchase locally grown produce, you are not only supporting local businesses, you’re helping to ensure a bright future for both the Aussie tea industry and our economy. This keeps rural job opportunities plentiful – so what better time could there be to make the switch to an all Aussie brew!

In 2021, Nerada proudly celebrated 50 years of the Nerada brand  – it’s a huge achievement and Nerada are excited to be shining a spotlight on locally grown tea. The inaugural “Aussie Tea Month” took place in May and will be an annual celebration of the quality and diversity of Australian Tea.

David Lyons, Founding Director of the Australian Tea Cultural Society, said, “It is brilliant to see tea in Australia continuing to grow and evolve. International Tea Day, and now Aussie Tea Month, are great ways of celebrating the ingenuity of the tea industry.”

“There is such a wonderful tea culture here in Australia. We feel honoured to have played a significant part of Australia’s tea history,” adds Nerada Tea Plantation Director Tony Poyner. “It’s testament to the perseverance of many of the pioneers in Queensland, such as the Taylor and Russell families who were determined to grow world-class tea on Australian soil. We’ll continue to refine our craft and bring tea lovers a quality range of black tea and infusions”.

Nerada was recently awarded the 2022 Canstar Blue Award for Most Satisfied Customers for black tea – another endorsement for the quality of this locally grown brew.

So next time you do your weekly shop, take a moment to consider where your beloved cuppa actually comes from – and think local before you pour yourself that beloved Aussie Brew.

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Nerada Tea.