The festive season is upon us, and countless Christmas parties and New Year celebrations are just around the corner.

In preparation, we've rounded up some top tipples with all the taste but fewer calories — and some low-alcohol alternatives. Served up alongside delicious food pairings, these drinks are perfect, day or night.

Summer sparkling
Add some class to your glass with these quality drops. The whites are best paired with a simple bruschetta, cheese and crackers, or an antipasto platter, while the shiraz is the ideal partner for festive meats.

  • Banrock Station Sparkling Infusion Zero Alcohol
  • Lindeman's Maiden Press Sparkling Moscato (low alcohol, no added sugar)
  • Lindeman's Maiden Press Sparkling Shiraz (low alcohol, no added sugar)

Pick up a Maggie’s Favourites Cheese Pack, featuring triple cream brie and mature cheddar (available exclusively at Woolworths), and follow it with a turkey breast parcel for a complete festive feast.

Beers by the BBQ
There’s nothing like a backyard barbie, sipping on a cold beer while the grill heats up. Enjoy a refreshing beer by choosing some of these low-alcohol options.

  • Bitburger Drive (non-alcoholic)
  • Hahn Ultra (low alcohol)
  • Holsten Alcohol Free Pilsner

Prawns -aussie -food
Fresh Aussie prawns are prefect for a festive summer gathering

Best paired with a leg of ham on the bone, which can be sliced and eaten cold, or heated in the oven and topped with a sticky glaze. Alternatively, throw some tasty Aussie prawns on the barbecue!

Wine and dine
No Christmas dish is complete without a fine wine to complement its flavours — and you’ll also feel fine with these lighter choices.

  • Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest range
  • Lindeman’s Early Harvest range
  • Matua Lighter Sauvignon Blanc
  • VNO Lighter Sauvignon Blanc

A good rule of thumb when pairing wine with food is to match a crisp white with seafood such as prawns and fish, while a smoky ham goes deliciously with a rosé, and a spicy red will compliment your Christmas meats perfectly.

Low-cal cocktail
Get into the Christmas spirit with a bright and bubbly Aperol Spritz. By choosing a low calorie sparkling wine and diluting the cocktail with soda, it’s a healthier option that is still very satisfying.

The recipe is easy as one, two, three: one part soda water, two parts Aperol Aperitivo, three parts Prosecco. Pour into a wine glass filled with ice, garnish with a slice of orange, and enjoy.

This refreshing cocktail is best paired with a cold meat platter featuring salami, prosciutto, or fresh oysters.

For more low-calorie and low-alcohol drink options, visit BWS.

What drinks do you enjoy during the holiday season?

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