A delightfully devilish pizza chain is taking the ‘buy now, pay later’ scheme to the next level, giving customers the chance to pay for their pizza when they die.

HELL Pizza is inviting pizza fans to apply for the trial scheme, which involves amending their wills to have their total cost included.

The chain has one store in Brisbane, with the rest of its stores located around New Zealand, with customers from both countries able to apply for the scheme, which involves no late fees or penalties.

The restaurant will select 666 applicants from each country, who will be invited to sign a real amendment to their wills allowing the cost of their pizza to be collected upon death.

According to HELL Pizza CEO Ben Cumming, pizza is one of the simple joys of life, and AfterLife Pay means diners can get their fix without having to dip into the bank account immediately.

The scheme emerged after the business was approached by popular ‘buy now, pay later’ providers who wanted HELL Pizza to offer the service to its customers.

The pizza chain’s unique AfterLife Pay came as a direct response to this proposal, as a statement against “schemes trapping a growing number of Aussies in spirals of debt”, Cumming said.

“We’re seeing a growing number of people using the schemes to buy essential items like food, and we think it’s taking it a step too far when you’ve got quick service restaurants like ours being asked to offer BNPL for what is considered a treat,” he said.

“Especially when you consider people are falling behind in their payments and 10.5 percent of loans are in arrears.”

“AfterLife Pay is a light-hearted campaign that reinforces HELL’s stance on BNPL schemes – you can have your pizza and eat it too without any pesky late fees or penalties.”

Applicants can apply for the scheme online, with the chain’s restaurant assuring that you will you won’t pay anything for your order until “you’re resting six feet under”.

Image credits: HELL Pizza

This article first appeared on Over60