A new Aldi product is making headlines for its affordability and incredible taste.

The product that is currently gaining the attention of Aldi fans around the country is the cheese stocked by the discount retailer called Le Pave.

The $6 French cheese is so popular among customers that some loyal shoppers have complained that the spot where it sits in the refrigerated section of the store is always empty.

The product is regarded so highly that cheese connoisseurs are saying that it even beats D’Affinois, a French cheese that sits at the top of the cheese food chain.

“I never thought I would say this, but it’s actually better than D’Affinois,” a customer told

“But of course, you could buy three Le Paves for the price of one wedge of D’Affinois!”

1 Aldi Cheese

While 200g of D’Affinois retails at around $17 from Coles or Woolworths, the same amount of Le Pave is sold for nearly a third of the price.

“It’s soft and creamy with a decent bite,” Charlie, a cook, said.

“Stacked on a French baguette, it’s a great everyday cheese.”

Aldi has stocked the cheese since mid-2017.

“Le Pave is produced within the Pays De Loire region of France, at one of the largest remaining dairy cooperatives in the country,” a spokesman told

“To ensure its quality, the product is airfreighted to Australia on a weekly basis.”

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