Some of us may be old enough to recall the days when the soda maker was a fountain of fun for young and old alike. Much loved for its convenience and novelty value, a soda fountain was the source for an endless stream of soft drink for the kids, while adults enjoyed the refreshing effervescence in everything from a scotch to a spritzer. And who could forget the thrill of an ice cream soda on a hot summer’s day?

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The soda fountain is set for a long overdue comeback 

Now a new generation is discovering the fun of making their own bubbles and those old enough to remember are rediscovering the charm and versatility that a soda fountain can provide.

Same principle but a new look
At its heart, the soda maker uses the same simple yet magical transformation of injecting CO2 into ordinary tap water. Beyond that, however, the new generation of soda fountains look a lot more contemporary and these improvements in appearance, capacity and functionality are helping to drive the revival.

Manufacturers like SodaKING have given the soda maker a new edge with a designer look and they are fast becoming a must-have addition in kitchens and bar rooms across the country.

Saving money, space and the environment
Apart from the convenience, novelty and freshness, soda makers can be a real budget booster too. An exchanged gas canister allows you to make soda for around 30 cents a litre; this is a fraction of the cost of even home brand soft drinks. SodaKING's home soda system, for instance, comes with a carbonator cylinder that fits all leading soda makers in the world and can be refilled or exchanged* at a local participating stockist for the cost of the CO2.

It not only saves money, it saves space too. Who needs half full bottles of flat soft drinks filling up the fridge when you can simply make the amount you need at any time with no waste?

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With summer around the corner, an ice cream soda on a hot day is the perfect drink!

Many of us are also conscious of our impact on the environment and soda makers are also a winner on that front. The disposal of non-biodegradable plastic bottles from soft drinks and bottled water are causing long term environmental problems. They clog up landfill and find their way to the oceans where they cause the death of millions of sea creatures and birds every year. On top of that there is the pollution caused through transporting the bottles and the energy needed to produce them.

A soda maker bypasses all of these impacts by keeping the ‘production’ in the home with much less waste and a much smaller ‘footprint’ on the environment.

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Anyone for a fresh Lime Rickey? See below for the recipe

Let’s get fizzical!
So how can you make the most of your soda fountain? These classic soda recipes will really impress the grandchildren or add a fun, retro twist to your next party.

Ice cream soda
All you need is two tablespoons of chocolate syrup (or any flavour you prefer) and two scoops vanilla ice cream. Pour syrup into a tall glass. Fill half full with soda fountain. Stir vigorously with a long spoon. Add ice cream, which will cause it to foam, then top off with some more soda. Yum!

Chocolate soda
Pour three tablespoons chocolate syrup and one tablespoon milk into a glass. Stir well then add one scoop of ice cream and fill with soda water.

Ice cream float
Use one of the authentic SodaKING syrups to make this blast from the past. Start with three tablespoons of syrup – cola, ginger beer or raspberry will work well. Fill with soda water and finish with one scoop of ice cream.

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The possibilites are endless with your own soda maker!

Lime Rickey
Make some sugar syrup by combining one cup of water with one cup of sugar boiled down on the stove. In a tall glass combine two tablespoons of the syrup with one and a half tablespoons of fresh lime juice and three dashes of Angostura bitters. Fill with soda and garnish with some lime peel.

Affogato float
Dissolve a shot of strong hot espresso with one tablespoon of brown sugar in a tall glass. Mix in a tablespoon of coffee ice cream, fill with soda and top with ice cream, a dash of whipped cream and chocolate shavings. For an adult twist, add a shot of coffee liqueur or rum along with the espresso.

Maple egg cream
Start with one-third glass of milk and top up the glass with soda to get a nice head of foam. Add three tablespoons of maple syrup and stir carefully with a long spoon so that only the bottom is agitated and the foam stays undisturbed.

Strawberry lemonade
Add half a cup of chopped strawberries to a jug, then add a quarter cup of honey or agave syrup and two tablespoons of mint leaves. Mash it up a little and then add a cup of lemon juice and two cups of soda. Pour into ice-filled glasses.

Special offer
Receive $5 off your first cylinder exchange. Simply mention promo code ‘WYZA’ when exchanging at your nearest participating newsagent*

*SodaKING cylinders are compatible with all soda makers, including SodaStream. SodaKING agents accept both brands for exchange to a SodaKING cylinder. To find your closest SodaKING stockist click here.

Do you have a favourite soda fountain recipe from childhood? Share your memories below.

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